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Elevated Advisors LLC President - Peter Hoffman

My Story

A global journey

Starting in 1987 with my first international engineering project, I found I had a passion for working with people from around the world. Starting small with a few collaborative projects in The Netherlands and Germany, I eventually formed a team of engineers that supported international sales with technology based countertrade programs. As globalization accelerated, I was selected to develop Boeing's first global technology strategy and led establishment of research centers in Australia, China, and India - in addition to forming numerous collaborative technology relationship around the world. In 2012, I was promoted to Vice President of intellectual property management which allowed me to extend my experience in global technology to protecting and leveraging Boeing's entire intellectual property portfolio around the world.

Using my experience for your business

After 36 years of corporate life, it was time to strike out on my own and offer my expertise and experience to a broader range of businesses. Through Elevated Advisors LLC, I am able to engage a variety of industries and develop exciting new business relationships. You will immediately feel the energy I bring to a project and my love of learning and making new friends.  I strive to take on projects that address markets, businesses or technologies I find exciting while working with people I enjoy spending time with.  This approach has served me well and I am enjoying myself everyday working with great clients.


Global Business Experience

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